Stimease TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator,24 Modes Dual Channel Rechargeable TENS EMS Machine Electronic Pulse Massager Shock Therapy for Natural Pain Relief with 20 Electrode Pads


[TENS + EMS Unit] Stimease 2 in 1 TENS & PMS / EMS machine drug free therapies. TENS unit provides safe, non-invasive, drug-free methods of pain relief used by doctors and physical therapists for years while PMS / EMS brings elicitation of muscle contraction to activates the muscles to assist in the increase of strength and endurance as a rehab and strength training device.

[24 MASSAGE MODES] This TENS machine muscle stimulator has 24 massage modes for your body relaxation, including kneading, knocking, tapping, tuina, acupuncture, striking allows you easily find one setting that suits your needs to help relieve your pain and more to help you feel healthier and more energetic.

[ISOLATED DUAL CHANNEL] This compact palm-size portable massager integrated with 2 channels allows you to set separate modes and different intensities levels to meet different parts pain alleviation and provide comfort anywhere and at any time you need.

[PAIN RELIEF MACHINE] Stimease rechargeable electric muscle massager can stimulate the sensory nerves and muscles, activate specific natural pain gate mechanism, relax your body and have pain management session at anytime you need.

[PERFECT GIFT IDEA] Our TENS and EMS unit is an excellent gift for long-distance drivers, athletes, seniors, house wife’s or office workers and many more who are constantly bothered by muscular and nerve pain.

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Stimease TENS + EMS Unit is a muscle stimulator and muscle recovery device that provides prescription strength pain relief and is the best valued over the counter digital TENS unit on the market today. Powered by a large volume battery, this TENS machine is proven to be powerful and durable. The TENS unit is the preferred device of physical therapists and physicians for pain relief.


The TENS unit sends comfortable stim impulses through the skin that stimulates the nerve in the treatment area, acting as an electric massager, and calming the nerve. Treatment can be given on demand or via timed therapy sessions up to 60 minutes. In many cases, this stimulation will deliver immediate pain relief. Pain relief varies by individual and by the type of pain you are in. By placing the pads exactly at the site of the pain, you get fast relief, without having to digest potentially harmful or addictive prescription medicine. If you have any type of pain such as pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the shoulder, waist, back, neck, upper extremities (arm), and lower extremities (leg) due to strain from exercise or household work activities, it can provide you with immediate relief. It is just like a natural process as it is done by your own body, it helps with reducing the pain by stimulating the nerve ends.

This TENS unit can be used to simulate birth pain for man. Can also be used as period simulator machine for men. Perfect period cramp simulator for you other half and make him understand and love you more.


Pain reliever

24 massage modes

Reusable electrode pads

Various certifications

Dual channel application

Independent output

Non drug treatment

FDA cleared device



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